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Extremely rare Gothic Armour

Elements of a pauldorn or the vambrace of a Gothic German or Italian alla tedesca, circa 1500. Of munition quality, "rough from the hammer". In extremely fine condition for armour of this period. All Gothic armour is today rare and of some import.

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Rare WWI Imperial German Aircrew Flying Helmet

A very well restored example of this iconic item of Fliegertruppen headgear

Code: 24301Price: 850.00 GBP

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Original German Third Reich Reichsbahn Einheits Feldmutze

An original fresh-to-the-market example from the family of the veteran who brought it back from the War.

Code: 24299Price: 245.00 GBP

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WWI Armoured Car Brooch / Badge

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T-8-R.Warwickshire Brass Shoulder Title

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D-Day REME Veteran's Battledress & Invasion Beach Assembly Area Card

A 3rd Infantry Division REME Artificer's 1940 Pattern BD blouse retaining its original insignia. Found with the blouse was a small card wallet containing its original owner's shaving mirror and extremely rare D-Day assault troops' beach assembly / transit card. On D-Day REME beach recovery sections were among the first ashore, tasked with removing damaged vehicles and keeping the exits clear, those REME attached to the specialist 79th Armoured Division were amongst the largest deployed.

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REME Plastic Cap Badge

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Royal Armoured Corps Plastic Cap Badge

Code: 24292Price: 35.00 GBP

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Royal West Kent Regiment Plastic Cap Badge

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General Service Corps Plastic Cap Badge

Code: 24294Price: 12.00 GBP

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